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A very warm welcome to my page! Please take a moment to make yourself a cup of tea, light a candle and sit back comfortably. Let me guide you on a little journey, discovering my artwork.

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I’m Julianne, a visual artist and environmentalist from Germany. For 7 years now, I have drawn and painted portraits, landscapes, and made illustrations. I published them under the name “Verena Cave”.

This summer, I decided to change not only the name but the motives and style of my art. I wanted to grow as an artist and see if I can take it to the next level.

If you like to know more about me, have a look at my bio!

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My art celebrates light, depth, and feeling. I love to portray the great heroines and heroes of our time with vibrant colours and clear structures. Here, you can learn more about my style.


I began drawing portraits in 2012 because I’m fascinated by how different expressions can change the energy a person conveys. For all this time, portraits have been the main focus of my art. Currently, I’m working on two different portrait projects. One of them shows inspiring women using acrylics as a medium and the other one celebrates LGBTQ+ heroines and heroes, using markers and abstract shapes.



This year has been a lot about bringing my story into my art. In summer, while I was living in the house I grew up in, I started a painting series that pictures the places and emotions of my life thus far. When I returned to Sweden after summer, I began a painting series that shows the country I now live in and my connection to it.


I’m also doing illustrations for a number of projects, from birthday cards, to postcards, and info graphics. They are fun and quick to make, and often, they help me starting larger projects as they organise my thoughts effectively.


Where my work has been featured

Since I publish my art online, there have been instances of the people I draw and paint featuring my work on their social media pages. Here’s an overview.

Where my art has found new homes

I love to see where people have put up the art I made for them. Would you like to see your picture featured in this gallery as well? Drop me a message in the contact section!



The painting you see here is concept art I made for a dear friend of mine, who is a writer.

If you enjoyed what you have discovered on my page, would you like to have your own painting? Have a look in my shop if something interests you, or let us find a motive together that suits you!


If you would like to leave me a message or upload the reference pictures for your commission, please feel free to do so!

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